Our Favorite Garden Tools

Our Favorite Garden Tools

Hey Friends! Gardening is so much more enjoyable when you have the right tools. Whether you have a tiny garden or a huge one there are tools every gardener needs and we’ve rounded up a few of our favorites!


I keep different types handy at all times. A pair of leather gloves for when I'm messing with thorny plants or rough things and a pair I can use when working with the soil. I tend to go glove free for the most part but it's nice to keep these ready.
Leather gloves- I love these leather gloves because look how cute they are. They are super soft and fit my hands perfectly.

floral patterned leather garden gloves



Garden Carts

Ever since my hip surgery pushing a wheel barrow has been hard. For Christmas my family got me this steel garden cart I love it! now if I can just keep my girls from steeling it.


Garden tool belt

I've reached that moment in my gardening life that getting poked in the butt by my garden snips is tiresome. I love my Floret leather garden tool belt it holds my phone, pens, garden tape and a couple of pairs of clippers. This leather garden tool belt on Amazon is the perfect dup and even has a few extra options I wish my belt had. It's 1/2 the price of the one I have and the reviews are great. When I'm ready for a second one it's the one I will buy. 


Garden Needle Nose pruner

This is Needle Nose pruner is my go to tool for all the things in my garden. I use it for not only pruning roses and small plants but I use it for when I'm harvesting flowers and vegetables. It's easy to use and you barely have to use any force to cut smaller stems.

Needle nose pruners

Garden Straw Hat

Raise your hand if just walking in the sun gives you sun burn. I know it can't be just me. I learned along time ago that I needed to keep my face covered in spring and summer. I love freckles but as I age I'm trying to be more proactive of protecting my skin from sun damage. I love my straw hat because it breathes and with the string I can pull it tight to keep it place when the wind picks up. This garden straw hat has great ratings and looks even cuter than the one I have. Maybe I need to order another one :) ?